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No, Thank YOU

After any informational or job interview send a prompt thank you note.  If you know the hiring manager or committee is making a quick turn around decision it is o.k. to e-mail the thank you.  If you have a bit of time, go ahead and send a formal, “typed” letter or a hand-written note with legible handwriting.  No texting a thank you as of yet.

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Just Ask

As you discover a new career interest and begin seeking out candidates to informational interview, ask the right way.   Most people will gladly talk with you about who they are and what they do if you focus your interest on them.  Start your request with a statement that indicates you have done some background research and care about that information.  Limit the amount you share about yourself and seek out their input.  Eventually you end up sharing your story during the informational interview when invited to do so.

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Double Look

Utilize your family, friends, and career center staff to preview and review ANY career related documents before you send them out.  Have someone else look for grammar and spelling errors, consistency in formatting, and perceived fit to the position.

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US Government is hiring


Just heard from a reputable source that there will be 600,000 new hires by the US Government over the next four years.

Competitive wages and benefits and jobs all around the US and world.

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