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Double Look

Utilize your family, friends, and career center staff to preview and review ANY career related documents before you send them out.  Have someone else look for grammar and spelling errors, consistency in formatting, and perceived fit to the position.

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US Government is hiring


Just heard from a reputable source that there will be 600,000 new hires by the US Government over the next four years.

Competitive wages and benefits and jobs all around the US and world.

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Foundational Network

The job search should not be an individual endeavor.  Though you are responsible for talking about your key marketable traits and representing yourself in interviews, most other aspects of your search should have others involved.  You want to create a team of advisers with specific purposes to compliment your strengths.

When sharing personal challenges or problems, one usually relies on a family member or close friend.  Keeping the matter private and close to home is important.  Your support network for the job search should be more vast.  You still need that one person to share your soul with but also need specialized people to fill other roles.

CheerleaderCheerleader:  This person will be the one to go to when you are feeling down and blue.  Choose someone you can’t help but smile when talking with them.  Connect with them when you need positive energy and you feel stalled in your job search.

Editor:  Have someone gifted in grammar and spelling on stand-by to review any job search correspondence (electronic or other wise) before it goes to the intended receiver.

Mover & Shaker: This person will be able to connect you to the right person or someone close to the right person.  Always try to be specific in regards to “who” you are wanting this M & S to connect you to be a more informed job seeker.

Idea Generator:  We all know someone who is able to be creative and come up with outside the box concepts at a moments notice.  Use the IG to help you go a different direction after your current path hits a road block.  Even if the IG doesn’t come up with a solution, often being around an IG will inspire us to come up with a new idea ourselves.

Tough Lover:  Sometimes all we need is a slight, well-intentioned kick in the rear to help us act and think intelligently.  TL’s are usually about reality and seeing aspects of others lives that are not sitting well with them.  They are not afraid to share their opinion in a blunt, business-like.

Professional: Connect with someone from your college or university career office, a local employment division, or hire someone skilled in career coaching or counseling.  A skilled career counselor will help you stay focused and assist you in an efficient, professional job search.

Friend/Colleague:  Ask folks you know if you can formally connect with them to learn more about what they do for a living and their career background.  This is called informational interviewing.  Informational interviewing should be enjoyable for the interviewer and interviewee.

There is a lot of advice that suggests you should share with everyone you know that you are looking for a job.  To some degree this is true.  People in your network might be willing to keep you in mind when they learn of career opportunities in your field.  You want to be careful about the way in which you introduce your situation to others.  Avoid them having to “solve” your unemployment situation.  Ask specific questions and suggest ways that they could be helpful instead of blanket statements like: I need your help in finding a job or I hear you can get me a job.  Try, “I am in a career transition and was wondering if you would mind keeping an eye out positions that might allow me to use my marketing/PR skills in a non-profit setting?”  People are willing to help if they don’t feel guilt-ed or shamed into it.

Your team will look different depending on the type of players that compliment your needs.  Have fun creating supporting roles that will keep you in a positive place during your job search.

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