Connect as a person

We are taught early on getting a job the “right way” involves sending out as many resumes as possible in response to advertised openings.  Very few actual hires are done this way.  People hire people and do not like looking at electronic or hard-copy resumes to determine if someone will be a good employee.  It does take a lot of patience and work to become a person in the job hunting process but definitely worth the effort.

Try every means possible to connect with the hiring manager before you apply for a position.  Respectfully and professionally use your network, social media, cold-call, and in some cases visit in-person to speak with someone who is working in the hiring department.  During this opportunity ask intelligent questions, engage in listening, and be prepared to talk about your marketable skills.  Avoid coming across as desperate or over-selling yourself.

Most hiring managers welcome the chance to engage with real candidates and will often invite those people they have met or someone close to them knows for an interview.  The fit and skills need to be there of course.  Make yourself known in a positive way and you will increase your chances of getting an interview.

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