Feedback from Clients

“Michael gave me the encouragement and advice I needed when I was considering a major career change.  With his help, I realized I was ready to make the move to my dream job.” -KG, Forensic Scientist

“Michael possesses a keen ability to ask pondering questions. His questions helped me to truly examine what my needs, goals, and desires are concerning my present career, and the direction of my future career. He’s also a responsive listener who helps his clients figure out what the next step should be for their unique situation.” – JMN, Travel Journalist

“Michael Hampton played a key role in my success securing my dream job. His input on my c.v. and letter of application allowed me to make the necessary revisions to effectively communicate my strengths and fit for the position. I appreciated his feedback on my mock interview.  His suggestions were straight forward and gave me confidence in my interview.” -MLL, educator

“Michael is a great listener, and seems naturally able to help me see what’s best for my future. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him!” – JDR, Writer

.making a job change to meet professional and personal goals is a difficult decision on its own.  Combine that with the pressure of negotiating a compensation package that meets the very real every day needs of ones family and the process is daunting.. Your characteristically patient and thoughtful counseling has helped me through the process of two life-changing career moves. Thanks to your careful advice and negotiation coaching, I am doing deeply satisfying work while earning the money my family needs. Thank you for your help, encouragement, and support Michael.” -DP, Non-Profit Executive